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Changes to our County Constitution

We’re proposing some changes to our constitution at our AGM

At our AGM on Wednesday 9 September, we’re seeking ratification of a small change to the Constitution of our Charity: Norfolk County Scout Council.

The change is in section 1.2.1 and relates to who are Ex-Officio members of the Scout Council.

Section 1.2.1 currently reads:

Membership of the Norfolk County Scout Council is open to:

1.2.1 Ex-Officio Members
i. County President
ii. County Vice President(s)
iii. Regional Commissioner
iv. County Chairman
v. County Vice Chairmen (elected by the Board of Trustees following the AGM see Page 11 para 2.2 ii a)
vi. County Commissioner
vii. County Secretary (if elected and not employed by the Board of Trustees)
viii. Assistant County Secretary(s)
ix. County Treasurer
x. Assistant County Treasurer(s)
xi. Deputy County Commissioner(s)
xii. County Scout Active Support Manager(s)
xiii. County Training Manager
xiv. County Youth Commissioner(s)
xv. Assistant County Commissioners
xvi. County Scouters
xvii. County Skills Instructors
xviii. County Advisers
xix. County Administrators
xx. Local Training Managers
xxi. District Commissioners
xxii. District Chairmen
xxiii. District Secretaries
xxiv. District Treasurers
xxv. District Scout Active Support Managers
xxvi. A representative of the County Troop Leadership Forum, selected from amongst the membership of the Forum
xxvii. A representative of the County Explorer Scout Forum, selected from amongst the membership of the Forum
xxviii. A representative of the Scout Network, selected from amongst the membership of the District Scout Networks in the County


Following agreement at our Board of Trustees meeting on 27 July 2020, section 1.2.1 will be amended to read:

1.2.1  Ex-Officio Members

Ex-officio members are those as listed in POR Chapter 5 rule 5.16


This will help us to ensure that our Constituion will always reflect changes to Policy Organisation and Rules (POR) and supported the Scout Association’s aim to make Table 2 of POR: Appointments a single source of information about adult appointments.

You can review the draft constitution here:

2020 County Constitution DRAFT


In line with our Constitution we’ve notified members of the Scout Council with 21 clear days notice of the agreement of these changes.


Please note: That our AGM in 2020 will be held online. Our Constitution already allows for meetings of the Scout Council to take place electronically so no additional changes are required to accommodate this.