1st Long Stratton are Scout in the House STARS!

Peter Thurston, Group Scout Leader at 1st Long Stratton Scout Group registered 57 achievers this week, who all took part in the Scout in the House Challenge Badge and made history by being the greatest number to complete the badge together!

Peter explains how his Scout Group worked on the Scout in the House Challenge…

“From my perspective it made sense to get the programmes we planned linked to the Scout in the House Challenge Badge, as it is another way to reward the young people for what has been a challenging period at home.
We basically covered more than one activity from each criteria to make sure as many young people as possible could earn the badge.”

Peter tells us what the young people did during the Challenge…

Programme Plans:
– All been taking part in Online Meetings which we have run all term but have also completed activity badges both during these zoom meetings or personally at home.
– Beavers have complted badges such as Navigator Stage 1,  Digital Maker Stage 2, Digital Citizen Stage 2, International, Experiment all via zoom and then Community Impact Stage 1, Cook, Gardener & Cyclist at home.
– Cubs have completed badges such as Road Safety, Digital Maker Stage 2, Digital Citizen Stage 2, International all via zoom and then Community Impact Stage 1, Cyclist & Skater at home.
– Scouts  completed Air Activities Stage 3 & Photographer via zoom, Then they are finishing these off over summer – Digital Maker Stage 3, Digital Citizen Stage 3 & Air Researcher which we have done the majority of the work for on zoom already with a little remaining project to finish over summer. Community Impact Stage 1 completed at home.

Scouting around the World:
– International Zoom Session with a Cub Pack in South Africa was our big highlight as it was a totally new connection brought about due to COVID-19. It ran really well led by the Cubs but other sections joined in.
– Also joined in the special JOTI and organised a session with Japanese Cubs & Scouts

Learning & Sharing:
– Encoruaged families to teach their young people cooking skills as part of our 2 Camp at Home events
– Completed a number of ‘The Great Indoors’ activities such as ‘Changing your Coat’ linked to St George’s Day
– Reviewed favourite Scouting activities as part of zoom sessions to reflect on what we enjoy most and give us something to look forward to

Communicate in the Community:
– Rainbows decorated and displayed in windows of our houses. We also held a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt for our young people via zoom and discussed the great work of the key workers in keeping us safe.
– Joined in ‘doorstep clap’ and on St George’s Day this was done in our Uniforms and we created a video to share on social meia of this (along with our Promise Renewal). Our young people also took Thank You Key Worker coloured in pictures to many of our local key workers such as care homes, pharmacy, doctors, police, postman etc.
– Community Impact Stage 1 – Whole Group challenged to complete this by sending letters & pictures to our local Care Homes. We set this up within the first week or two of lockdown and saw letters and pictures being dropped off and emailed over. It was lovely as we received photos back from the residents to share with our families on social media where they said thank you to our young people for their communications. We had one Beaver who did some joke videos which we sent over aswell for them to watch. The key was to have some consistent communication so everyone did at least 4 letters / pictures etc. over 3 months to have that impact on social isolation which the care teams were really grateful for.

– The young people completed the cooking elements on their camping weekends with their families
– We also know many did the regular excercise / reading elements at home

Great Camp In or Out Adventure:
– Group took part in the Camping World Record Attempt at the end of April, and the Great Indoors Weekender and many of our young people have camped more in the gardens / slept more nights in their dens aswell! These have been very popular events and we’ve encouraged them to camp out / sleep in a den over Box-Jam Weekend as well if they can.

Here are some of the photos from 1st Long Stratton Scout Group’s activities: