BOX-JAM SUCCESS – Think Outside the Box !

BOX-JAM – a great success !

From the opening ceremony on Saturday to the closing one on the Sunday, watching a variety of shows and completing some of the 101 activities along the way, Norfolk Scouts have shared some fun, met new friends and enjoyed Scouting times together with Scouts and Guides from around the world!

1111 people booked for BOX-JAM, but we know many more shared in the weekend as some Groups shared the activities and films as part of their own group event and that’s just great too.

Over the next week, the admin team will send out the free badge to all members of Norfolk Scouts who joined the jamboree, we hope the badge will be a reminder for everyone, of their fun time at BOX-JAM 2020.

Here are a few more facts about BOX-JAM:
– Participants Booked: 1111
– Norfolk Young People: 527
– Norfolk Adults: 310
– Outside of County: 274 (including some from Malawi, Kuwait and Russia)
– 73% of Scout Groups and Explorer Units in Norfolk had one or more booked participant
– The Opening Ceremony has had just short of 500 views on the day
– The Scout’s Own almost 300 views on the weekend of the Jamboree
– We have been sent over 200 photos of people taking part in the jamboree activities – we will continue to upload these so that everyone can share the Jamboree.

Here a few of the comments we have received via the online feedback form so far…
“Loved it all; activities, zoom meetings and shows!”
“For me it was great to see my children and two of their friends (fellow scouts) developing new skills and cooperating together”
“So many great things to make. I have printed many of the crafts to put into my files for the group”
“Some new ideas and things I want to do in bigger groups in the the future”
“Will be completing activities with Beavers on zoom in the coming weeks. Fantastic opportunity to learn about other cultures and traditions in the World Box”

“A massive thank you to Shelly and the team for an extremely well organised, amazing weekend of events! The only downfall being there was not enough hours in the weekend…but that’s ok as I will carry on enjoying the activities and sharing them with our group, and at home with my family for days/weeks to come.  I said that I was determined for the children to remember lockdown for good times and happy memories, Box-Jam will be one of those happy memories – thank you so very much!”

Thanks goes to the Youth Programme Team (with a little help from some friends) for putting BOX-JAM together, with special thanks t0 Deputy Camp Chief Carl.

Go to the BOX-JAM website:  where you can still use the online resources if you wish as part of online meetings or face-to-face activities.

See you at the next BOX-JAM event – Shelly x