Become a Wellbeing Champion and help #TearDownTheTaboo

Let’s look out for ourselves and each other

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit young people hard. Some have missed out on end of term celebrations or exams and others have been separated from their loved ones.

It’s been really tough. Despite this, the Scouts asked young people and they said they want to take practical, hands on action to create a better tomorrow for everyone. They said that mental health is more important than ever, but that stigma still gets in the way of talking about it.

Over the next few weeks, Scouts be creating 10,000 Wellbeing Champions: people who have committed to help tear down the taboo around mental health and do what they can to boost people’s wellbeing.

Take a look on the to see how any young person or adult volunteer can become a Wellbeing Champion following the three straightforward stages. You can work through these as individuals or in sections…

…and of course there is a badge available!

When you complete the steps and become a Wellbeing Champion you can submit your information and receive a certificate.

If you’re an individual email your certificate to, if you are a section leader make sure each individual is recorded with then email with how many badges you need.

Norfolk Scouts will fund a Wellbeing Champion badge for every young person or adult volunteer who takes a step to #TearDownTheTaboo

Take a take a watch of Carl, Louis and Matthew talking about Wellbeing (it’s one of those watch to the very end videos! 😉)

Information to support

Norfolk Scouts’ really super Wellbeing PoP

Scouts UK Wellbeing champion page

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