Remembrance 2020

Preparing for Remembrance 2020

Step 1 – Challenge.
Do you really need to do it? Is there another way that as a Scout Group you can show your respect. Doorstep remembrance? Colouring poppies and putting up the window etc.?
Why not speak with the young people in your group and see if any are attending church on a regular basis and already going to the service with their parents and would be happy to wear uniform to represent your group?

Have a look at ways the Royal British Legion suggest you could safely mark Remembrance.

Step 2 – Outdoors only.
Scout participation should be limited to the outdoors part of any event, e.g. not attending an indoor church service before or after the 11am silence

Step 3 – Scout rules.
Follow Scout rules on numbers and maintain further distance from all other participants. Any Scout involvement will need to respect the rules for Scout events, e.g. number limits, social distancing rules etc. and would need clear stewarding arrangements to ensure that the general public do not breach social distancing guidelines towards Scouts.

Step 4 – Avoid Parades.
Scouting members should avoid parading through the streets since its more difficult to monitor social distancing when moving than when standing still.

Step 5 – Avoid roles.
Scouting members should not take on any roles that involve close contact with the public, e.g. issuing orders of service at War Memorials.

Step 6 – Wreath laying.
You can lay a wreath but at 2m distance and appropriate ratios. If a small group attends to lay a wreath, they will need to maintain the appropriate distance from themselves and others. If young people are involved in the wreath laying then the normal supervision ratios apply.

Please also think about if you are laying a wreath that it is in quarantine before hand with the person who will be handling it and together with any flags.

Step 7 – Risk assessment.
You will need to do a risk assessment to attend for your DC to sign off – a template has been provided to them so please do speak with your DC if you are thinking of doing something and have that conversations at the outset.

More details can also be found here. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Remembrance, Bonfires and Fireworks and also note some singing is now allowed!