County Updates

County Updates is our weekly email to adult volunteers in Norfolk

Since it was introduced in 2017 we’ve had lots of feedback that people find County Updates useful.

It was designed to produce one single regular communication a week, where we send everything – to everyone. Hopefully to avoid anyone missing anything crucial.

Recently production of County Updates has moved from the County Secretary to the Media Manager and we’ve started using more modern software. This has allowed us to track readership and prove that a lot of people do actually read it – Thank You!

We’ll accept articles from anyone in Norfolk Scouts for items that are of genuine interest for a lot of our membership. Items for inclusion should have a clear link to support volunteers to deliver their role or keep informed about their role.  We cannot use County Updates for marketing.

The Media Manager has created some guidelines, the key points are:

  • Items for submission must be received by the Media Team by 19:00 on the Tuesday before updates
  • Items should be a maximum of four lines of text (45 words), although further content can be added to the Website
  • Items may be held while waiting for a more appropriate time or further details

You can view the full the guidelines here.

To submit an item or for more information please contact