Welcome to the East of England Winter Challenge!  

Series of activities organised by the Regional Services Team

Here’s a message from our friends at the Regional Services Team, who have to activities to help with programmes over the next few weeks.

Hi Norfolk volunteers!

As we have just come out of the second lockdown and have gone into tier 2 across the East of England, we the East of England RST, realise there could be lots of groups who will be reluctant to go back to face to face scouting before Christmas and potentially even after Christmas. We also recognise that Zoom has some limitations with some groups getting zoom or digital fatigue, whilst some others haven’t even started online meetings yet.  

We’re here to help… Welcome to the East of England Winter Challenge!  

Starting from the 7  December – through to the February half term next year, we will be uploading 3-4 activity videos per week, one for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts each week and some for Explorers (although we also want to do some Taskmaster style paper challenges for this age group too… TBC ) the weeks of Christmas and New Year, will be more about sharing a paper activity than videos for Zoom calls. 

You will be able to use these videos in 2 ways: 

One. Share the link to our new Winter Challenge Facebook page. Here the young people can interact with us by, watching the activity and then posting what they have made or done within the chat on the post. Here is the link:  

Two. As leaders do a Zoom call to do the Hello / Welcome / opening / check in with everyone, then show our video activity for the week, you can all watch it and follow the activity at the time or watch the video together and ask the young people to do the activity at home with their families send pictures of what they have done via their normal communication channels(and maybe to our Facebook page too?) 

Either way, we hope to take away some of the stresses of scouting this winter for leaders who are struggling / in need of a break.  

DCs / GSLs – If you have groups who have not done anything since lockdown started – this could be a great way to re-introduce scouting to the leaders and the young people – supporting everyone to think about doing face to face when the time, government and weather allows this to happen.  

 For anyone not using Facebook, we also have a YouTube channel where the videos will be posted at the same time as Facebook. The link to this is here:  


Now we can’t promise that our activity videos will be anything like the great activities you fantastic leaders do every week, but we can offer you lots of fun, laughter and enthusiasm.  


We have also tried to take most of the ideas for activities from the program planning tool on our website.  

We hope this will also encourage you all to look at the program planning or activity finder tools as they are regularly being updated with great ideas.  


We have also added in a few activities, we have found through our many years of supporting our superstar volunteers or found online – after all sharing is caring. 

Many thanks 

East of England  – Regional Services Team