Our new East of England training lead

Steve Taylor is our new Assistant Regional Commission (Training).

Following the recent search and selection we’re delighted to welcome Steve as our new Assistant Regional Commissioner – Training.

Here’s an introduction from Steve.

Hi All, it really is a pleasure to take up the role of Assistant Regional Commissioner – Training (ARC-T) to support all of the Counties and training teams across the East of England Region in their superb delivery and support of training to all of the members learning journeys.

For those who don’t know me I have had a number of roles in Scouting from Cub Scout Leader through to County Commissioner (Cambridgeshire) over the last 25 years and presently I am still a County Training Manager (CTM) in Cambridgeshire focusing on Manager and Supporter training.

I have also been involved in the development and delivery of the National Executive Committee training modules and the Risk Management workshops, delivering them not only on a local basis with Cambridgeshire but also across the Nations.

One of the primary remits of an ARC-T is to support the CTMs and their teams to develop, deliver and implement a high quality training delivery programme across their Counties and share best practice across the Region.

My work programme will be led by the County Commissioners, your Deputy County Commissioner (People), Keith and the County Training Managers and from initial discussions it looks like it will be focusing on supporting Manager and Supporter Training, a blended programme of training delivery (both digital and face to face) and support of Team recruitment. I am really keen to support your County Training Team here in Norfolk and quite happy to answer any questions or queries that you might have with the Training Scheme.

I look forward to meeting with you at some of your up and coming training meetings and events, either digitally or face to face, when the present situation allows, but in the meantime I thank you for all of your dedication and commitment to your training and to your roles because I know a well-trained and committed adult in Scouting makes such a difference to our younger members.

Steve’s email address is