Matt: our SASU manager (I.C.E)

Matt Kitchin has been appointed as Manager of the Norfolk Scout ICE Emergency Aid ASU   .

We’re delighted that following a recent advertisement and selection process that Matt has been appointed as Manager of the Norfolk Scout I.C.E Emergency Aid Scout Active Support Unit (SASU).

We wish Matt the very best in his new role, here’s a brief introduction to him and the SASU.


Matt, tell us a little bit about your Scouting journey.

I joined Scouting as a Cub at 2nd Hellesdon, from there I was lucky enough to be able to move through the sections, being able to gain my Queen Scout Award in 2003. Following this, I was part of the Mongoose Scout Network Unit and enjoyed building the 18-25 section while supporting the group that started it all for me.

Since then I have had a few roles within Norfolk, including being County Scout Network Commissioner, and more recently Assistant County Commissioner (Events). I was also Deputy Director Essential Services for NORJAM 2014 and Director Essential Services for NORJAM 2018.


What do you do outside of Scouting?

Outside Scouting I am a Network Specialist for Cadent Gas. My role is to manage a large team of field engineers and to command large scale Gas related incidents and emergencies. When this isn’t taking up my time, I am a huge fan of motorsport and rugby, being lucky enough to have travelled to many many different countries for sporting events.


So, you’re going to a desert island for a month what three luxuries must be in your luggage?

  • A First Aid Kit (be prepared!)
  • A rugby ball
  • A bottle of Adnams’ Gin


Why did the ASU Manager role attract you?

In Norfolk, we are blessed with some of the most picturesque and remote parts of our region, making for great adventures. However, should something go wrong, help could be some time coming.

It was talking about this risk with some very experienced, like minded Scouters that led us to explore the need for an Active Support Unit like this.

I have worked with other volunteers over the last 18 months to get this unit off the ground. It was crucial that this team have a solid foundation on which to stand and so, we obtained our first set of externally accredited qualifications for the first 6 (who weren’t already healthcare professionals!) and started to build the formal structure of the unit, which is where we are today.

I have been supporting Scouting events within Norfolk for many years and have been lucky enough to have great support around me when the things were challenging. I am now able to be in a position where I can be that support for others and it feels great.


What are you looking forward to in your new role and what are your plans for the next few months?

I am looking forward to building the team further, continuing the development of the team members on a basis of clear clinical understanding and practice. We have already started dialog with other, similar units across the UK to make sure we can positively influence the role of First Aid within Scouting and I think we have a superb outlook in Norfolk.

Personally, I am very excited about the groups of outside agencies and volunteers we have waiting in the wings to bring a fresh enthusiasm and further learning into Scouting in Norfolk.


Why someone might like to join your ASU?

If, like me, you enjoying helping people (even if you don’t work in healthcare) then there is a role within the I.C.E ASU for you.

There are many paths that can be taken within the team: if you want to develop your emergency care skills, we have opportunities into things such as First Response Emergency Care (FREC3), Infant and Child First Aid and First Aid At Work (we even help to obtain external qualifications for those who are serious about it!)

If plasters and bandages aren’t quite your thing, then not to worry! We are in need of a team of like-minded staff, working alongside the medical teams from everything from logistics to catering to ensure we can provide a superb service when its needed.

If you would like to speak to someone about joining the team then please email and we will give you a call!


Matt’s email is