The BIG Weekend is coming back!

The BIG Weekend is happening again, booking is now open– and you’ll be entered into a prize draw if you book your place before Big Ben strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

In February 2020 nearly two hundred Norfolk Scout volunteers came together for a weekend of learning, networking, socialising and recharging in Great Yarmouth.

Not originally planned for 2021, we’re going to do it all again over the weekend 27/28 February 2021, as we think we’ll all do with something to look forward to after Christmas.

Of course is very unlikely what we’d all be allowed to come together face-to-face, but undeterred ‘Burly’ the seagull has bought a headset and is leading the BIG Weekend 2 as a virtual event.


Wow – tell me more!

So, the weekend will follow roughly the same format as last time (not that really matters if you didn’t go 😊)

There are four zone for participants to select sessions from to create your own bespoke programmes for the weekend, these are:

Hands on

Practical programme sessions and advice.

Click here for more details

Adult learning

Modules from the Scouts’ adult training scheme.

Click here for a list


Ongoing learning and broader topics that help with volunteers’ broader development.

Click here for a summary

Café Burly – now Burly @ home!

From the brown lounge to your lounge, a selection of fun and relaxing activities for adults to mix during and enjoy.

Click here for an idea of the fun!


Don’t worry you don’t need to choose right now, but we’re sharing the lists so you can whet your appetite and have a think over Christmas what you might like to take part in.


So, you want me to spend two whole days on Zoom? 🤢

No, well not unless you want to!

Register to attend and in January we’ll contact you to book your sessions. You can choose to go to as many or few as you want.

There will also be a load of pre-recorded material released over the weekend that you can watch as and when you fancy.

You’ll then have your personal programme that you can fit round work, keep fit, Tescos or whatever you fill your weekends with.


How much does it cost?

Norfolk Scouts are highly subsidising this event. There is a participant fee of £10.


What do I do next?

Use this online form to register your place and arrange to pay your registration fee.

Then take a cup of tea (or a snowball – well it is Christmas!) and start looking into what sessions you think you fancy going to.


After you’ve registered we’ll be in touch in January, and will post your participant pack to you by mid- February.

Keep an eye of the as our event website builds out.