Important: changes to Module 10 (First Aid)

Message for Training Advisers, Local Training Managers and Managers

Module 10 (First Aid) has been split into two separate parts.  These are:-

10a) The theory side of the course has been broken down into three two-hour courses which will be delivered online by a trainer.

10b) The practical side will now be a 15-minute session, to attend this element you will need to of completed the three two-hour sessions. This section will be possible once current COVID-19 measures are relaxed and face to face meetings can take place. You will need to have a risk assessment approved locally for these sessions to take place. 


  1. Compass has been updated to reflect the changes
  2. If someone has an external qualification that covers 10a and 10b, then these can both be validated by a Training Adviser
  3. Due to the current situation, if someone needs First Aid to complete their Wood Badge, if they have completed at least Module 10a we can request a Wood Badge.
  4. With the changes made to Module 10, PLPs have been updated accordingly. (You may notice that old Module 10s are shown as discontinued, these can be ignored)

If you have any questions please contact