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We’re getting recruitment ready!

Call to action: We need your help for our recruitment campaign!

A message from Matthew, our County Commissioner.

As we start to be able to do more and more in Scouting, our attention is turning to rebuilding our membership numbers and providing as many Norfolk young people with skills for life as we can.

If you’ve listened to my messages in the past, you’ll know I believe that a cornerstone of any growth in young people membership numbers is the recruitment of additional amazing volunteers like you.

That’s why I’m really pleased that HQ are launching the #GoodForYou campaign, which highlights the benefits of volunteering. Jane my Deputy County Commissioner for Growth and Perception and Sarah our Social Media manager are gearing up to provide local content that dovetails into this campaign.

#GoodForYou starts on Thursday 27 May, and we’ve already lined up some local media interest.

How can you help?

Backing up #GoodForYou will be a locally driven social media campaign, and I would love for you to be a part of that.

Please consider taking a selfie (or getting someone to take a picture) of you wearing a neckerchief and putting your thumb up.

Here is an example…

Once you’ve got you picture email it to with your words to complete this sentence. “Volunteering with Norfolk Scouts has been good for me because…” (keep your reply snappy!)

Mine would be…

Volunteering with Norfolk Scouts has been good for me because I’ve learnt skills that I’ve been able to use in employment”

I hope that you will consider helping us. Remember your photo, name and quote could be used on Norfolk Scouts’ social media, in press releases or on websites by sending your photo and quote to us you are giving your consent for this to happen.




Matthew Burrell
County Commissioner (Norfolk)