Message from the County Commissioner

Message from the County Commissioner – David Human

Hello everyone


As it is coming up to 3 months since my appointment, I felt I should write to you all. Two reasons really, the first is to recognise the importance of St George’s Day in the Scouting calendar. A time, at which, we not only renew our Promise, but we reflect on the importance of Scouting to us all. We have all accepted the Scout Law as the foundation on which we not only carry out our various roles, but also a standard of behaviour that carries over into everything that we do. This year, as we gather at our St George’s Day events, we will remember St George’s Day 2020/21 when we were not able to do so. However, we found a way and I can remember the social media posts as we made those important Promises. The Promise underpins our core values, our Scout Values. We will shortly learn of the new and exciting ideas that will shape how Scouting will move forward. We are a movement and move forward we must, but we will take our values along with us and work together with those who have accepted the leadership challenges that come with change. Have a great St George’s Day whatever you are doing.


My second reason was to tell you what I have been doing in my first few weeks. When I say I, what I really mean is with my amazing County leadership team. I promised that I would build a high performing County Team and I am pleased to say that I am well on the way to doing that. You will already be aware that I have asked Tim Rowe and Tim Newby to share the new and exciting role of transformation lead at Deputy County Commissioner level and as a separate work stream. Both bring not only vast scouting experience but a portfolio of experience in change management from their professional lives. In the past few days I have appointed Niall Pettitt to the vacant role of Deputy County Commissioner Programme. Niall brings to the table a depth of experience in outdoor education, secondary schools and the US Airforce youth programme. Now working in the public sector as a project manager, Niall will be the catalyst needed to improve our Programme delivery across the County. Finally, as the start of my pledge to make Norfolk Scouts truly youth lead and focused I have appointed Luke Morgan to be my County Youth Commissioner. Luke is currently a Section Leader at Melton Magna where he has, in effect, been running the Group. Luke has come up through the Sections understanding the needs of Young People in rural communities and committed to giving Young People a voice in the future of Scouting in Norfolk.

My further commitment was to get on the ground and understand your needs. This has not gone quite so well. Having to spin many plates including interim District Commissioner

North West Norfolk, dealing with several outstanding matters in support of Districts and Groups, I have been deflected at times. However, I have now almost finished informal reviews with all the County Senior Team and District Commissioners. There is, I assure you, a lot going on and it is all good. A survey will soon be launched to give me a snapshot in time about how people are feeling and Luke will commence engagement with District Youth Commissioners at the same time.

To end on a sad note, Keith Coote has decided to step aside from his Deputy County Commissioner People role and retire from Scouting. Keith has made significant inroads to adult training in the time he has been in role and has contributed more widely to the running of the County. Also, Lisa Wright is stepping aside from her role as District Commissioner Northern Norwich. Lisa will be remembered as an outstanding District Commissioner who has been seen across the County as a safe pair of hands, always ready with sound advice and an active member of the District Commissioner Forum. Lisa is succeeded by Paul Bean who is coming from a Deputy District Commissioner role in Cambridgeshire where his role was DDC People for Ely District. Paul is returning to Norfolk having previously been a DDC South West Norfolk, and an Assistant District Commissioner Scouts.

So, that’s all for now. I will write again after Base Camp in May when much more detail will emerge about the transformation process.


Yours in Scouting