Norfolk Zone Offshore Windfarms – Community Fund


I am with the Vattenfall, working on the Norfolk Zone Offshore Windfarms, which together will power nearly 4 million UK homes (

As a part of our efforts to support local development, Vattenfall will fund a Norfolk Community Benefit Fund, which will provide £15 million over 25 years. The purpose of the fund is to enable communities across the region to live in a more sustainable, ‘climate smarter’ way. The fund can help with activities across the community, (such as sports and arts interests), providing it helps live more sustainably and/or enables you to adapt to the impacts of climate change. So far, in the early stages of dialogue we conducted a county-wide survey to establish a common understanding of what communities in Norfolk value today and what kinds of initiatives to support climate smarter living residents would prioritise ( and have hosted a couple of community workshops across Norfolk so far.

As young people ourselves, my colleague (Will) and I are conscious that regrettably, too often young people are not present (or not in representative numbers) at community development type events and dialogues, though they do have bright and original ideas. To address this, we are planning an event focused on young peoples at which we hope to introduce ourselves, our windfarms, and the Community Benefit Fund. Plans are still in the making, but this event should include a short presentation on who we are and some kind of engaging acivity/ies.

We wanted to reach out to find out if this is something you think you would be willing to advertise to your Scout groups to come along to, (targeting ages 10+). And if so, if you could please let us know where you have Scout groups, particularly in North Norfolk, Broadland, and Breckland and who their point of contact might be.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Megan Swafford