Badges 4 All

Norfolk Scout’s “Badges 4 All” Challenge

…is a great way to create and share programme whilst we are in lockdown plus get to wear Activity Badges as Young Leaders and Adult Leaders too !

Click here to download Norfolk Scout’s Badges 4 All Challenge Sheet

Hall of Fame…

No 1: Bengal Tiger (Cat) – 1st Attleborough Beaver Leader
The Camp Craft Activity badge for Beavers

Beaver Leader, Bengal Tiger, created a great set of resources to help her Beavers achieve their Camp Craft Badge whilst on Lockdown.

Click here for Resource 1 – Putting up a Tent
Click here for Resource 2 – Collect Wood and Help Build a Fire
Click here for Resource 3 – Cook Over a Fire
Click here for Resource 4 – How to Tie a Reef Knot
Click here for Resource 5 – Pioneering Project
Click here for Resource 6 – Camp Blanket
Click here for Resource 7 – Visit a Camp

Bengal Tiger (Cat) said: “I was really excited when I saw the email about being able to work for a beaver activity badge; I award so many badges that I thought I might like a camp craft badge. The summer term always has this badge on the programme and I am missing our face to face scouting so much. Camp craft is a great starting point for Beavers who are starting to learn new skills and the thrill of toasting your own marshmallows on a fire you helped build is something not to miss. I hope the resources are handy, so some of your beavers might like to work towards their badge too” 

No 2: Tracey – 1st Shipdham Beaver Leader
The Artist Activity Badge for Cubs

Tracey worked alongside her daughter, who is a Cub at 1st Shipdham to complete her Artist Activity Badge.
Here are her notes and some of her artwork, that you can share with your Cubs to help them complete their Artist Activity Badge too.

No 3: Sara – Bowthorpe Scout Group GSL & Cub Leader
The Book Reader Activity badge for Cubs

Sara turned her love of reading books into a great resource for leaders to use to encourage their Cubs to do their Book Reader Activity Badge and she has shared her story too !

Click here for Resource 1 – A Guide to the Book Reader Activity Badge for Cubs
Click here for Resource 2 – Sara’s Story (how a leader earned the badge)

Sara said: “I’ve completed my first badge, excited muchly!
Thankyou whoever had the idea to allow leaders to complete badges while on lockdown (although I’m  a key worker and still been working, while I’ve been at home It’s been a welcome distraction from what’s going on in the world around us, I’ve always said books were my escape from reality). I’ve had great fun putting this together and I know the youngsters will love it when I share the fact that I’ve completed a badge”

No 4: Dolphin (Juliet) – 1st Attleborough Beaver Leader
The Health and Fitness Activity badge for Beavers

Click here for Resource – Presentation for the Health and Fitness Activity Badge for Beavers

No 5: Sara – Bowthorpe Scout Group GSL & Cub Leader
The Photographer Activity badge for Cubs

This is the second set of resources Sara has shared to help Cub Leaders support Scouting at home during Lockdown.

Click here to read how Cubs can complete the badge
Click here for Resource 1 – Quiz Sheet.

Sara Said: “I’ve completed the Photographer badge while out on one of my many ‘hike to the moon’ walks. I’m always snapping away on my smart phone while walking, I normally focus on something particular as I’m snapping away.  This time I noticed my shadow and that was it – having a focus makes you look around more than just plodding along.
As part of the badge I have created a quiz for the youngsters to complete, this can easily be completed while on their daily walk for exercise.
For those that aren’t leaving the house they can still take part as there is an insect match to go with it.”

No 6: Harri – 1st Gorleston Assistant Beaver Leader & Nelson ESU Leader
The Gardener Activity Badge for Beavers, Gardener Activity Badge for Cubs
& Farming Activity Badge for Scouts.

Harri didn’t just complete the Activity Badge for the Beaver Colony, she decided to support every section in her Scout Group and produce a worksheet for each section!

Click here for the Gardener Activity Badge Worksheet for Beavers
Click here for the Gardener Activity Badge Worksheet for Cubs
Click here for the Farming Activity Badge Worksheet for Scouts

No 7: Vee – 1st Gorleston Assistant Scout Leader
The Fire Safety Activity Badge for Scouts

Click here  for the Fire Safety Activity Badge Worksheet for Scouts

No 8: Chris – District Nights Away Advisor Central Norfolk.
The Local Knowledge Activity Badge for Scouts.

District Night’s Away Advisor Chris said: “A little bit of a twist for the requirements, I have been working on the Scout Local Knowledge Activity Badge so we have something fired up and ready to roll for when we return for face 2 face Scouting.
I have put together activities for the Scouts to complete and I’m hoping to add a couple more activities.
The Scouts will begin with researching their own family tree, design and fill in their tree.
They will then move on to the Scout based part about 1st Dereham Scouts which began in 1908. Claudette during her house move has produced all sorts of gems which have been tucked away for a number of years.
We have a cabinet at the HQ, the Scouts have been given permission to clean out and use to store and display the Log Books, vintage uniforms and the other memorabilia.
We are hoping to display the Time Line on a wall somewhere in the HQ too.”

Click here to read the plans for Chris’s Scout Local Knowledge Activity Badge project.

No 9: Tim – Assistant Scout Leader Nelson Rural Scout Group.
The Space Activity Badge for Beavers.

Tim has created two PowerPoint presentations for use with the Beaver Space Activity Badge.

Click here for a PowerPoint to use as a presentation.
Click here fro a printer friendly version to use as handouts.


Will you be the next to complete the challenge ?