Big Weekend Q&A

We’ve received some questions about The Big Weekend, here are the frequent ones…


Accommodation and Food

Will I have to share a room with someone (I don’t know!)?

The pricing structure for the weekend is based on a per head basis rather than per room so is people are prepared to share rooms that will help ensure that an many people as possible can join in a take part.

If you’re prepared to share, booking in pairs will help us or email to tell us who you would like to share with.

Don’t worry we’re not drawing names from hats! and no one will be asked to share who does not want to.


What hotels will we be staying in?

Our primary accommodation hotels are the Burlington Palm Court and the Marine Lodge

Both hotels have hosted a number of very succesful and memorable events for Norfolk Scouts over the years.


What meals are provided?

Day delegates will be provided with lunch on the day of their visit.

Weekend guests will enjoy Saturday lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

There will be enough tean and coffee to sink a battleship


Where will we be eating?

Breakfast will be taken in your designated hotel.

All lunches and dinner will be provided in the Burlington Palm Court.


Is there a formal dinner?

Saturday night dinner will be a relax rolling dinner schedule so you can enjoy your meal with. There will be no formalities.


Are the all the hotel facilities available?

Yes, facilities like the pool and gym in the Burlington Palm are available to everyone regardless of which hotel you stay in.



Will I need my Uniform?

There will be no need to wear uniform at the Big Weekend. There will be a Big Weekend Neckerchief to help us identify each other.

Please wear what you feel comfortable in. (Fancy dress is not discouraged! 🙂 )



The exact timings are yet to be worked out, but each day will be a full day starting about 09:30 and finishing at 16:30



What is happening during the weekend?

Delegates are now being asked to select their sessions.

The programme is broken into these areas:

Café Burlington

A social hub offering an informal meeting place for chatter, coffee, informal meetings and creating conversation. (This is about making friends and team building)

Out and About

A selection of nearby attractions and activities to take part in. (This is about having some fun and finding some places you might want to take young people)

Hands On

Activities and have a go sessions for adults to try new things and remember old ones. (This is about having a go at programme activities and badges, taking away real things you can deliver)


A selection of formal workshops, training sessions, discussions and guest speakers that provide ongoing learning, training module support and interesting additional learning. (This is about creating ongoing learning, finding out more things of interest not just from a Scouting background)

The Bazaar

A market place type forum with stalls from various stall holders both internal and external to Scouting. (Meet traders and providers to help build contacts)


Will the same sessions be available on Saturday and Sunday?

Broadly yes, some Discovery Sessions may differ slightly or be presented by differant people. The overall offering will be very close.


How many sessions do I have to do?

We hope you will do loads, but actually it’s up to you. Do as much or as little and you need.


How do I choose sessions?

All delegates will be emailed a selection form. If you have not had one, please email

Forms need to be returned by 17 November 2019


This sounds like it could be a bit of a jolly?

We’ll be disappointed if you don’t get to let your hair down and have fun. But there is a serious point to The Big Weekend, our adult volunteers make an enormous contribution to their communities and particularly the young people we give skills for life. Let’s take the opportunity to recharge the batteries in an enviroment where you can relax but also learn some nnew things.


Am I going to be trapped inside one hotel all weekend?

Not at all!

The event will be spread over a number of locations around Great Yarmouth including a school and outside spaces.


Can I add my own activities?

Why not, if you want to bring your walking boots, mountain bike or something else then please do!

If your question is not answered, drop us a line


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