Go Go Hares


The Go Go Hares Trail is coming to Norwich in July and August, again raising funds for local charity Break.


There is a series of four challenges for each section covering Beavers to Explorers (Network are also welcome to participate and can pick from any of the challenges).

The challenges are designed to be undertaken in order through April, May and June with the final challenge in July/August.  Although if it suits your sections programme, they can be done in any order.

The programme team would love to see how you are getting on with the challenges, so please feel free to post your pictures on the Norfolk Scouts Sharing Centre on Facebook, or on social media, sharing any feedback with us.

The final challenge for each section is to visit the Go Go Hares Trail.  As we appreciate not everyone is able to come to Norwich, we have arranged an alternative fundraising challenge for Break, that can be undertaken by each section.


The Norfolk Scouts Challenge Badge can be purchased for the cost of £1 per badge, and this can be worn on the uniform (In the occasional badge position) or placed on a camp blanket.

The 25p from the sale of each badge will be donated to Break.

The choice of when to award the badges to your young people is entirely up to you.  You can choose to award at the start of the challenge to say you are taking part or at the end once completed, the choice is yours.

Badges can be ordered using the order form and posted out from The Trading Post.  If you wish to collect badges direct from The Trading Post that is an option, but where possible please advise them in advance so they can ensure the order is ready.

We hope you enjoy the challenges we have set for you and also hope that by providing you with the badge links to follow, you can complete more of the criteria of the badges within your sectional programmes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have fun!!

Jane Warden

Deputy County Commissioner – Programme dccprogramme@gmail.com


Go Go Hare badge order form 

Go Go Hare Challenge sheets

Go Go Hare Challenges 2018 (FULL)