Activity Permit Information

Request Activity Training / Assessment

If you want to get training or get an assessment, go to the Request Activity Training / Assessment page and fill in your details. Darren (Norfolk County MAPS) will receive the request and look at ways of getting your request sorted.

Do I need a permit for activities?

Not all activities in Scouting need permits, to find out if you need one go to the A-Z of activities on the website.

Even if the activity does not need a permit, make sure you know the rules for the activity and read POR Rule 9.7 on the website.

What are the Water Classes?

In Scouting, water is classed between C (low pond) to A (open sea). Apart from Class C, you need a permit for the water you are going to take young people out.

To find out the classes of water in Norfolk and permit you need, see the Norfolk Waterways list on the website

How do I get a permit for running activities?

To get an activity permit, please follow the steps below:

1. Check out the information on the activity

Find your activity on the A-Z of activities on the website, go to the "Scout-led activity" section of the activity which will tell you the rules and the assessment criteria. 

Ensure you fully understand the scouting rules for the activity.

2. Get training on how to run the activity

If you don't have a national governing body qualification and require training, request some from the Request Activity Training / Assessment page.

Courses run by Norfolk Scouts are displayed on the County Activities Calendar page.

3. Get assessed by a County Activity Assessor

If you are ready for assessment or have a national governing body (NGB) qualification, request an assessment from the Request Activity Training / Assessment page. If you are renewing, ensure you have an up-to date log book.

See the County Activity Assessors page to see who is an assessor in Norfolk.

4. You pass and are recommended to your District Commissioner 

If you pass the assessment, then the County Activity Assessor will recommend through Compass that you gain a permit. The DC will look at if you are up-to on your safeguarding and safety training and will approve your permit if they deem it appropriate.

If you have any problems during the process, please contact Darren (Norfolk County MAPS) who will be able to help you.

5. Keep a log book and keep up to date

Permits are normally issued for 5 years. During that time you need to keep a log book which you need to produce to renew the permit.

Make sure you are up to date on the rules of the activity, the Activities and Nights Away News page is a good place to start.