Membership Information

The County Membership Information Team exists to support Managers and Supporters with information about our volunteers.

The aim of the team to produce useful reports and lists so that Managers can focus on helping people, rather than trying to determine who needs help.

We do this by extracting key items of data from Compass, our membership management system and presenting the information in a useful productive way.

To ensure compliance with Data Protection regulations, reports produced are refreshed regularly, normally about the middle of the month and are shared only with relevant managers with a legitimate interest to use the data via a secure online portal.

Managers should not share information outside of the permission based portal.

Access to Reports


Central Norfolk

East Norfolk

Eastern Norwich

North East Norfolk

North West Norfolk

Northern Norwich

South West Norfolk

Southern Norfolk

Southern Norwich

Access to reports is only available to relevant managers via an Office 365 login

Logging On Instructions

If you have any queries with reports please contact Ben Colley, County Administrator –

If you have problems with your login details please contact Glenn Chusonis, County Advisor Technology –