Scouting Transformation Event

Last week we launched our mission to reach the North Star and set in motion the transformation of how we volunteer with Norfolk scouts. We shared our exciting vision of a truly inclusive volunteering culture and the steps we are taking to make this a reality.

Across the country the demand for scouting and what it delivers within our community’s is growing, but for scouting to happen and to grow we need volunteers like you, We know this is a huge challenge and it’s not hard to find examples of how our volunteer recruitment, training and structures discourage and scare current and new volunteers.

We want to make volunteering easy and fun. Our lives have changed dramatically, and the way people want to volunteer is very different to 5 years ago. We need to make sure scouting is open and assessable to this.

We need to ensure that we are all feel valued for what we do and that the opportunities we want are there. We are here to support young people, but we also need supporting to do that.

Transformation is here to give us the tools and structure to do both.

Talking culture can seem alien and is often difficult to understand as the tangible benefits are not easily visible, when we talk culture, we are talking about a group of people having a shared understanding of how their values and actions effect their beliefs, we belief that all young people should have the opportunity to learn skills for life, we do that through role modeling our scouting values in our volunteer roles.

Our volunteer culture is about applying that to our adults as well, treating each other as we would want to be treated, it is about enabling yourself to be the best you can be by removing barriers and creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Please see below a recording of the meeting.

Questions from the zoom meeting ..

Will this presentation be available as PDF to discuss with our Teams please?

Yes, the slides will be shared along with a recording of the zoom event on the county website – This can be found here.

The email address on the slide should read

When will the updated model constitution template be available for groups to adopt within their groups and in time for their AGMs this summer?

The constitution can be found in POR 5.4, you will not need a full copy and paste of this to adopt at an AGM just refer to it as your constitution.

As the name change from Exec to Trustee Board has to be approved at an AGM! Are you expecting Groups and Districts to have an EGM to approve this, as a number of AGM’s have already taken place! If you’re not rolling this to DC’s until next month, a lot of the AGM season has been missed!!

Groups can hold and EGM or a Virtual meeting to formalize the adoption of a new constitution.

I noticed that young leaders is staying the same rather than changing to the team approach, is this explorer and YL being forgotten about again?

The 14 to 18 and 18 to 24 provisions are part of a separate project and are being reviewed this year, but until then they will continue as they are.