Nights Away Permits

Nights Away

Getting away from the normal evening meeting is a great and important part of Scouting which every young person should be able to experience.

Manager of the Activity Permit and Nights Away schemes (MAPS)

Sara Basey-Fisher supports the nights away permit scheme in Norfolk.

To contact Sara, please email:

Sara can put you in touch with your local Nights Away Advisor who will advise on both new permits and permit renewals.

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Gaining your Nights Away Permit

See below for The Scout Association’s information about the Night’s Away Scheme and gaining your permit:

Click to read: The Nights Away Permit Scheme (FS120800)

Click to read: The Applicant’s Guide (FS120801)

Click to read: The Assessment Checklist (AC120990)

Leader Resources

Nights Away Permits – click to download the PoP

The InTouch system

The InTouch system is the process used to manage communications at all activities and events within Scouting

Click to read: The InTouch System (FS120075)

Some other useful guides to Night’s Away

See below for more information about Night’s Away and residential experiences:

Click to read: Youth Hostelling (FS120072)

Click to read: Family Camps (FS120083)

Click to read: Prohibited and Restricted Camping areas 

Read some FAQ’s about the Nights Away Scheme

I want more information about the scheme but don’t know where to look
Look at the links on this page which connect you to all the relevant information about the Nights Away Scheme.

Can I have a Nights Away Permit if I am not the Section Leader
Yes you can, as long as your mandatory training is up to date (Safety and Safeguarding).
The Nights Away Advisor will complete the Assessment Checklist with you and agree a plan for you to gain your permit and then recommend the issue of an appropriate to the District Commissioner.

What ratio of adults are needed on a residential experience
A different number of adults are required depending on the age of the young people involved:
Beavers – One adult to every Six Beavers plus the leader in charge (minimum two adults)
Cubs – One adult to every Eight Cubs plus the leader in charge (minimum two adults)
Scouts – One adult to every Twelve Scouts (minimum two adults)
Explorers – NO specific ratio is required, but there must be a minimum of two adults

With all overnight experiences, the permit holder must complete a risk assessment, which may deem that the the minimum number of adults may need to be increased to adequately support the event.

Can a young person hold a Nights Away Permit
No they cannot, however an under 18 can be issued a “Passport” so that they can undertake overnight experiences independently and without close adult supervision.
These permits can be issued by an adult that holds a relevant permit themselves.

More FAQ’s from the National Nights Away Team are available – Click Here