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YouShape Squirrel Pilot

The 21st Kings Lynn Squirrels could not have been more excited to be chosen to complete and attend the “YouShape” Award Pilot! This became even more exciting when we realised that not only were we the only Squirrel Drey in North West Norfolk but the only one in the Norfolk County area.

The YouShape award is currently available for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers but not Squirrels. The Pilot Drey’s would help to influence the development of the Squirrel You Shaped Award nationally.

Together we are very proud to say we have achieved the first three parts of our Award and next term will be finishing the rest of the award work. I speak on behalf of myself and the leaders at the 21st when I say we are extremely proud of our drey and their achievements. They have demonstrated that 4 – 6 year olds really do have the skills and creativity to influence their programme, to plan, to represent and to lead, if their leaders really listen.

Throughout the pilot we were asked to keep in mind that the Squirrels are the real guide they get to choose the direction of the YouShape award and how they each experience it. It meant that our job as Squirrel leaders was to step back, to listen and to let their imagination lead the way. It was truly, a brilliant opportunity to let their creative thoughts run wild and we had to trust the squirrels and where we would end up with the pilot. We all had great fun.

The award has helped the Squirrels to build their resilience, support their well-being and develop scouting skills in preparation for the rest of the scouting journeys. It truly was a meaningful child led experience that we have loved being part of.

Sadly, the Squirrel YouShaped Award badge does not exist but each of the Squirrels who participated in the Pilot will receive a Certificate for their work.