Ideas for Programme Activities

SWAN Norfolk Broads Sailing Expedition

The SWAN Norfolk Broads Sailing Expedition is an annual Scouting event run by Peterborough Scouts for over 13s held each Easter for a whole week where Scouts explore the rivers and broads while living in crews of 3-5 on 24’ – 28’ traditional Norfolk River Cruiser Cabin Yachts largely hired from from the Norfolk Heritage Fleet. To take charge of a Norfolk Broads River Cruiser Cabin Yacht with young people onboard, requires a Scout Association Adventurous Activity Permit for Yachting. If you are interested, SWAN have 24 permit holders aged from 18-69 who we can ask to take them out. We also have a county assessor for yachting who does our technical assessments for yachting on The Broads.

Further information can be found below and from Greg Jones, Manager Peterborough District Scout Active Support Unit – SWAN 07597 685641 See: